Exhaust Connectors

Senior Flexonics is regarded as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of automotive exhaust connectors (flexible decouplers). The exhaust connectors enable customers to meet stringent environmental emission standards and are also used for motion compensation, noise isolation, minimizing vibration and to mitigate harshness in exhaust systems.


Interlock Hoses

Senior Flexonics interlock hoses are used in a variety of applications and available in a range of sizes. Pre-formed stainless steel strip is wound around a mandrel to form interlocking convolutions with excellent flexing capabilities.


Co-axial Heat Exchangers

We manufacture co-axial heat exchangers developed by our sister company. The co-axial heat exchangers are highly thermal compliant and ideal for intermediate/additional cooling.


Concentrated Solar Bellows

Our Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) bellows prevents the heat transfer medium from escaping at high temperatures and pressures to generate sustainable and environmentally friendly power. The bellows compensates for thermal expansion, vibration and assembly misalignment.

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Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Tubes and Bellows

Our corrugated thin-wall, flexible EGR tube provides high-temperature durability and minimizes installation problems.

Our purpose-designed EGR bellows reduce vibration between the EGR cooler and the engine. These EGR solutions are available to both the passenger vehicle and heavy-duty diesel engine markets.

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Close to Engine Exhaust Expansion Joints

Senior Flexonics manufactures bellows for exhaust manifolds that is subject to exhaust gas thermal loading. They are used in the manifold system of off-highway and large commercial vehicles.

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EGR Bellow - grey

Self-support Connectors

Our self-support connectors, like our Exhaust connectors, are used for motion compensation, noise isolation, vibration decoupling and to mitigate harshness in exhaust systems.

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Load-Bearing connectors - grey2

Load-Bearing Connectors

Our sturdy, load-bearing connectors decouple engine movements and vibrations. An internal sub-assembly with interlocking wire mesh ring restricts axial movement, giving it load-bearing capabilities.

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Industrial Products

Senior Flexonics has 13 world-class manufacturing plants in 11 countries. Senior Flexonics Cape Town is therefore able to source products for industrial process control applications from these sites and supply them to energy, petrochemical, steel, vacuum, HVAC, wood and paper manufacturing operations in Southern Africa.

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Turbo damper_02

Turbo Dampers

Our compact turbo dampers decouples high-frequency vibrations caused by turbochargers. The rigid design combines gas-tight bellows and wire mesh to dampen vibrations, while a flame tube guides exhaust gases.

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Spun coupler2_01_photo

Thermal Compensator

Providing effective compensation for temperature variations and subsequent displacement changes in exhaust systems, Senior Flexonics offers a range of thermal compensators fabricated from thin-wall stainless steel.

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Bellows section


Multi-ply stainless steel bellows help our customers comply with leak-free requirements and reduced emissions from exhaust systems. The durable, light-weight design can be readily adapted to meet customer’s geometric and technical requirements.

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